Here are the most read top blogs in Saudi Arabia,

  1. Life in Saudi Arabia

Life in Saudi Arabia is a multi-purpose blog in Saudi Arabia, was initially created for the expatriate community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing you the news and articles on useful information. It also guides the life of an expatriate in the kingdom.

Life in Saudi Arabia also provides information on social issues faced by the expatriates and how to solve those problems.

They also focus on bringing the latest news and updates to the Muslim community around the world. Car blogs, entertainment articles, and multiple other tips can also be found out here.

They also share information on legal laws in Saudia produced by Jawazat and Ministry of Interior (MOI), simultaneously. In short, they help and present the expatriate community in the kingdom. Their Facebook page also has a great fan following and can be accessed from here.

  1. Destination ksa

Destinationksa is a blog partnering with Destination Jeddah Magazine which helps in providing a comprehensive guide to the attraction points, shopping, entertainment, fashion, and multiple other niches.

Destinationksa also provides updated news and articles from the main cities of the Kingdom, i.e. Jeddah, Riyadh, and Sharqiya (which is known as the eastern province). Destinationksa also offers a listing platform in more than 8 cities in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Shoot-Sa is another blog in the Kingdom focusing especially on sports articles and news. Unfortunately, the website is now available in Arabic language only.

Shoot-sa provides the entire information on their site, on the football games that were played in the past or recently.

Shoot-KSA also has a huge fan following on social media with the most followers on Facebook with approximately 133.376 subscribers.

It’s a very handy website for the football lovers inside and outside of the Kingdom.

  1. Saudi-Expatriate

Saudi expatriate is a blog that updates the foreigner living in Saudi Arabia with news and articles on the latest issues and topics.

Saudi-Expatriate covers all areas whether it be related to airline, jobs, expatriate issues, the latest news, entertainment, the fashion industry, and much more.

The latest information for expatriates on iqama, visa renewal, and its fees can also be read from here. It is a well-renowned blog in Islamic laws and regulations in Saudia Arabia as well.

Saudi-expatriate also has a prominent following on Facebook with more than 200,000 followers. Their Facebook page can be accessed by clicking here,

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