The situation of Corona Pandemic in Saudi Arabia,

Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the top middle eastern countries affected greatly by this pandemic. According to Worldometers, Coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia has recorded more than 2600 deaths as of 23rd July 2020.

However, Saudi Arabia has dealt with this virus very smartly and effectively.

The government along with all the frontliners, medical staff, policemen, and the army have played their role well to control the outbreak in the kingdom.

Total Coronavirus cases in Saudia

Saudi Arabia has confirmed a total of 258,156 cases as of Thursday, 23rd July.

A rapid decrease in cases is observed after an extreme effort done by the authorities and finally, it is getting back to normal. 


A total of 2,601 deaths have been recorded according to Worldometers due to coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia which makes a percentage of 1.007%.

This graph is still far better than the other countries and shows the extreme efforts put in by the authorities.

Current Patients

The people recovered from the pandemic are counted to be 210,398 which depicts a recovery rate of 81.5% and the rest are continuing to be treated. 

When is Saudi Arabia expecting to get rid of the virus?

Saudi Arabia has seen from a single case per day to a huge number of more 5000 cases a day.

After this growing trend, Saudi Arabia has now finally a better grip on pandemic cases.

The average number of cases received per day is around 2,300 and are continuing to decline.

With the efforts being put in, Saudi Arabia is expecting to decrease the number of cases much lesser by the end of the year 2020.

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