Beirut Port Incident – What happened?

As you may have heard already as what happened in the capital of Lebanon, Our hearts go out with the whole country.

According to BBC, “The blast occurred at 18:00 (15:00 GMT) after a fire at the port, and it was felt 240km (150 miles) away on the island of Cyprus, in the eastern Mediterranean.”

Reportedly, the incident occurred due to the chemical (Ammonium/Sodium Nitrate) was conserved in the warehouse at the port of Lebanon which was confiscated from a ship in the past years. According to sources, this chemical came into reaction with some other chemical the result of which happened a huge blast.

Uberfacts stated that the recorded blast was equal to the one-fifth of the atomic  bomb dropped at Hiroshima or equal to an earthquake of 4.5 Richter

Something Fishy?

Another video has gone viral, where something is hitting the ground right before the blast happens which can be considered as something fishy. It can be seen in the video attached below recorded by someone witnessing the blast.

Something seen being dropped at the site right before the blast

Lebanon Capital, Beirut Incident shook the whole city by killing almost 113 people as reported by BBC and injuring more than 4000. The Country was already fighting with the worldwide pandemic, i.e. Coronavirus, with this incident the hospitals are completely packed.

The searches of the missing persons and those who may have been stucked under the debris.  Its said that the country has faced almost a loss of 100 Billion US Dollars due to the incident.

With the pictures below it can be seen that the spot where the blast occurred, wend under the sea and is now a portion of the sea. The year 2020 is not good at all.

Beirut port before and after the 1 kiloton explosion : awfuleverything

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