Here’s why you should really visit Madain Saleh,

Madain Saleh’s’ cities of pious’ is a historical site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This place is considered to be thousands of years old and is referred to as the nation of Prophet Saleh (A.S).

It is so mesmerizing to see the art and skills of thousands of years old civilization. They built houses inside of a mountain with the art on the exterior of the house.

With this art, they are anticipated to be one of the best artists and designers in history.

The inside of the house is much spacious and is much colder than the outside. These were also made in order to light up the house by the sunlight as needed.

As these houses are empty now, it feels haunted, and fear strikes in mind when you go inside of them. Don’t worry these places are safe.

The only time to visit the site is in the day-light as you may not be able to enjoy the scenery without any light and most of all, its probably closed after evening.

Where is it?

Madain Saleh is situated 400 km north-west of Medina, Saudi Arabia, and 500 km south-east of Petra Jordon. The site can also be found on Google Maps.

The Place is quite far and not exactly on the highway completely, so you should be well prepared for the hot sun experience and offroading.

The site is covered with a boundary wall and has a gated entry with some ticket that needs to be paid as per my experience.

My advice to you is you should must visit Madain Saleh at least once in your life whenever you go to KSA.
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