Top 6 Gyms to workout in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


With today’s fast-paced world gym is the lifeline of many for healthy livings. Gone are the days when you needed to do physical hard work to earn your bread.

Technology has made our work life as smooth as butter. Where tech has been a huge blessing it also had some negative effects on us, especially for our health.

Every day Jeddah is becoming health conscious and a new gym in Jeddah is opening every other day. Now don’t make the excuse “Jeddah is too hot for exercise”  because we have curated a list of the best gyms in Jeddah especially for you to start your healthy journey.

Here are the top 6 Gyms to workout in Jeddah:

Gold Gym Jeddah:

Think you need the best of the best? Then Gold gym Jeddah is for you. The gold gym has been around since 1965. Their service is top-notch, providing states of the art facility, professional trainers, and energetic sessions is their main priority.

Gold gym Jeddah provides various fitness programs. You can keep your fitness routine strong by joining their personal trainers from all around the world. What’s even cooler is Gold gym Jeddah also provide ease of shopping gear from their virtual stores.

You can also find their presence on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Visit their website to know more.

Evania & Seba Fitness:

Don’t like an intense workout? Do you prefer a light and open space for your fitness routine? Than Evania & Seba Fitness is for you.

Evania and Seba Fitness are located at Park Hyatt Jeddah. This gym in Jeddah offers an open space with an outdoor pool and spa gardens.

You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Red Sea while working out. They offer great packages for all your needs.

Visit their website to know more.

Fitness time:

A Saudi company aiming to provide the best gym experience in Jeddah might be your choice for a good workout. Fitness Time is a business class sports and fitness facility. You can opt for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months plan. Think plans do no suit you? Then go for their membership.

Fitness Time has a number of centers you can choose from. You can go for Fitness Time Plus, Fitness Pro, Fitness Time, Fitness Time Junior, Fitness Time Ladies, Fitness Time Ladies Pro, and Fitness Time Academy. Each has its own qualities.

Visit their website to know more.

Arena fitness center:

The arena fitness center is another best gym in Jeddahproviding the best gym offers in Jeddah. What’s more, they have a fitness app that you can download to monitor and track your fitness routine.

This gym in Jeddah provides a free session for you to get the experience of what it means to be part of the Arena fitness family. They provide four programs: defense, heroes, women, and, functional. Each catering to different needs.

Visit their website to know more

Olympia Health Club:

The Olympia Health Club is surely one of the top gyms in Jeddah. Their motto:

“Transform your life. Our aim to make make our society a fitter place”

Speaks volume for itself. And if that doesn’t isn’t enough for you their coaches, fitness classes, and packages will have you drooling and ready to take some action.

The Olympia health club provides 7 days free trial. After that, you can opt for their membership. You can also freeze your membership for 3 months. How cool is that!

Visit their website to know more.

Z club Jeddah:

The Z club is exclusive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This gym in Jeddah has lots of perks. Not only you get the best facilities possible but also a chance to make some great connections.

The package includes a spa area, swimming pools, a restaurant, and comfortable lounges, and other exclusive services that you only find in top clubs.

Visit their website to know more.

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